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Heated Dog Bed - What Should You Look For?


Do you know why a heated dog bed is one of the most sought after items for many dog lovers and owners?  Well if you live in very cold countries your canine is going to need it for sure because if you don't already know it, a dog's fur is not enough for your pet to keep the cold out. More so if your pet is older, has arthritis or just had a recent surgery. Heated pet beds are the best dog accessories to help your dog stay warm this winter.

There is a wide selection of dog beds for sale that are both stylish and durable and made available by manufacturers online on the web and in your favorite local pet stores. Yes they do come in all shapes and sizes including designer dog beds, donut dog beds among others that come with free shipping too. You may be overwhelmed by these products being advertised and looks may be deceiving so you should take your time to review them. You should compare them in terms of value and prices and most of all how safe it is for your pet.

Here are some tips on what to look for when you go shopping for your heated dog bed.

1. Heated dog beds should have UL and CUL certifications which means that whoever sell these items is attesting to product safety and compliance.

2. They should preferable come with a steel-wrapped cord to provided added safety for dogs fond of chewing just about anything.

3. Check if the heated pet bed has a heat control thermostat and if so find out how fast it allows you to adjust to different temperatures, when needed, keeping in mind that 102 degrees is the most optimal temperature to be used.

4. The most ideal pet beds for winter come with a heater that can keep the bed's temperature range between 10 - 15 degrees above the air temperature.

5. Most heated pet beds have a feature that warms up only when your pet lies on the bed so this helps to save you energy and therefore money on your electric utilities bill.

6. Most heated beds require about 6-13 watts of energy although large dog beds may require more. Look for one with a removable heater insert to allow easy cleaning and washing so that you give your dog a clean bed to sleep always.

7. Always read the product information and ask questions before purchase and find out if the heated bed is intended for indoor or outdoor use only and what would be more suitable for you.

8. Many of these offers include orthopedic dog beds not made of wood but specially made with foam to provide relief for your dog's joint and arthritis problems without compromising on style and safety. Many come with kennel heated pads for outdoor use.

9. Another option that you can consider is the microwavable dog bed warmer.  As the name implies, it uses microwave technology and you just need to heat the dog heating pad in the microwave machine for a few minutes before placing it in your dog's bed. These warmers act like blankets that can stay warm continuously for a whole 12 hours.

10. One of the first things to check for a suitable heated dog bed is its size. If your dog has yet to grow to its full grown size then it might be good to choose a bigger dog bed that can suit him when this happens.

A heated dog bed provides the necessary warmth he needs and there are some great designer dog beds and others that cater to provide the extra comfort for overweight dogs. They are more comfortable than normal dog beds for sure.