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A dog house heater is a must if you keep your pet dog outside your house. You may have good reasons that you do not want your canine to sleep in the house like there should be boundaries where pets should never cross.....

A dog house heater is a must if you keep your pet dog outside your house. You may have good reasons that you do not want your canine to sleep in the house like there should be boundaries where pets should never cross. Yes even dog schools teach basic dog training such as this.  At the same time, as a dog owner, it is also your responsibility to care for your dog and leaving him in the cold winter nights is probably a little inhuman, because you really love your dog.

Why Use a Dog House Heater

If you are a new dog owner or it's the first time you have experienced winter in a new country, it is important to provide a heater for your doghouse. Do not be mistaken that all dogs have fur and so that helps to keep them warm. Some winters can have extremely harsh cold weather and dogs do not feel comfortable having to sleep under these conditions. A heated dog house will ensure that your pet bed is kept warm throughout the cold chilly nights.

About these Dog House Heaters

Most of these pet bed warmer products are designed for outdoors so they can resist very cold and harsh weathers and you'll be happy to know that they are very quiet and safe too. The dog house heater is lightweight and usually attached to one side of the outdoor dog house using a hose. There are of course many different dog house designs with many features to choose from but they usually come with automatic temperature settings that not only keep it hot during winters but cool during summers too. There is always a perfect size heater that you can find in online stores or your nearest pet shop.It just needs you to preselect the right temperature that you want that is suitable for your dog. It's almost like your air conditioning of your house with control at your fingertips and designed with safety in mind for your pet dog. A hound heater dog house I read recently even comes with a light bulb and de-humidifier feature.

A dog house heater almost always runs on electricity or a generator. Most homes should be able to accommodate an electric outlet to run this heater or you can have a qualified electrician help you install one if necessary.

Many pet stores and pet suppliers come with very good comprehensive packages of dog house heaters. They provide all the essentials of  insulated dog beds usually made of wood, with thermostat and even some dog accessories like dog heating pad. After all heating a dog house is their business and a growing business too. When you purchase it do remember to read up the installation instructions before you fix it.

Dog House Heater - How Do You Maintain it?

There is very little maintenance work required on your pet bed warmer except monthly cleaning the filter and checking that everything is in working order.Then check that all the connections are properly secured.

The DIY Dog House Heater

dog house heaterDepending on how severe your winter months can become and whether your dog has more or less fur, you may also wish to make a homemade dog house heater yourself. (some dog owners prefer to build a dog house themselves especially if they like them to be unique or prefer an organic dog bed). Firstly install insulation on the dog house using straw for example as this is important to keep the warmth in. Then get some microwavable kennel pads to be placed inside. However the warmth generated may not last too long and it may be somewhat inconvenient to reheat the kennel pads many times in the day.

Most dog owners will find a dog house heater is definitely something they should consider for their pet because it provides the warmth and a perfect solution to all the chilly nights. The dog house heater is the most perfect thing in ensuring your pet dog gets a good night's sleep, every night. 


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